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    Have you got that feeling? The feeling that your life is not exactly how you would like it to be? Perhaps you haven’t found your purpose in life, met the love of your life, or found your dream job - or maybe it's simply feeling that something is missing?

    Here at FreshStart we believe that you deserve a life that you love and that you have it within your power to create one. A life that lights you up and that you are proud of. A life which lets you jump out of bed in the morning excited about the day ahead. A life that allows you to shine and be all that you can be. A wholehearted life.

    Think that all sounds too good to be true?We know it is possible because we have helped thousands of clients to do it over the last 11 years. Let us show you how ...

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Back in 2005 Jenny Grainger read a little book called "The Secret". It opened her mind up to a whole new way of thinking and was the start of a brand new life for her. She became a passionate student of the Law of Attraction and eventually started to actively become a deliberate creator of her own life, during 2008.

In 2009 she went on to a beautiful retreat centre on top of a hill in Italy. There she met the man that she had been 'calling in' to her life for the previous 18 months. His name was Eoin Scolard and he had been going through a very similar process as Jenny. A couple of months later they melded their two families and they have been co-creating their lives together ever since then.

There are too many amazing things that have manifested in their lives during that time to list here, but they include Source Wellbeing Centre, their dream home, freedom and time to do what they love, vibrant health, work they are both passionate about - and this website which was designed by Jenny and created by Eoin.

From 2010 until 2016 Jenny taught the Law of Attraction to groups of students through her 1 year courses as well as running workshops and giving talks on it at Positive Living Network. She then attracted Aideen Lyster into her life and, over the last year, Jenny has trained Aideen to become a Certified Law of Attraction Coach. Aideen is now taking over all Jenny's LOA work in Dublin and via Skype. She is as passionate about it as Jenny is - and she is really living and breathing it. Find out more about Aideen here or email her to find out about her 1-1 Law of Attraction Coaching and her courses.

You can still benefit from Jenny's LOA knowledge and experience by following her CREATE A LIFE YOU LOVE video series here or joining her private Facebook group here. She will also be teaching a lot more about how to become a deliberate creator of your life on our FRESHSTART UNIVERSITY which will be coming online in 2017.