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Laura Thompson

Life & Home Coach

NLP Practitioner

Belfast & Bangor

As a Life Coach Laura Thompson has developed the art of supporting others to create balance in their lives.   She works with clients on an individual basis as she helps them find a new balance, reclaim their zest for life and create the life they desire.   

In her Life Coaching programme Laura separates the emotional from the physical. She works with people as a Life Coach and NLP Practitioner on the emotional, intuitive stuff which tends to be looking at balance, self esteem and self worth.  She helps people find their purpose and regain an enthusiasm for life.    Laura offers a 1-1 Life Coaching Programme in which she guarantees a supportive, safe platform for people to enjoy open and honest communication about what really matters to them at this stage in their life.

Laura is also a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner.  What is NLP?  Simply put, some say it is software for the mind, others describe it as an instruction manual for the mind. Laura’s knowledge of NLP ensures she can share with you a series of tools for making positive changes in your life. 

Maybe you are looking to increase your self awareness?

Do you feel stressed or anxious?

Do you sense there is something holding you back or maybe blocking your life, but you do not know what it is?

Do you know you have old beliefs and behaviours which you know are not useful for you and your life anymore?

Do you feel stuck and do not know what to do next?

Are you struggling to stay motivated?

“Can’t see the woods for the trees”...do you need clarity of thought?

Is there something you want to change in your life?

If any of the above resonate with you then why not get in contact and book yourself your Free Introductory Session today?

In addition to her 1-1 Life Coaching programme, experience has shown Laura that many people struggle with maintaining new ways of being when they leave the security of the coaching environment and are back in their own home so she offers an additional unique service for those who are interested. In her role as a Creative Home Consultant, Laura is an expert in helping people to create a home that reflects the way they want to live.    People have described their homes as many things from “total chaos” to “a soft place to land.”   Laura recognises how our homes often reflect and affect our wellbeing and is passionate about working with people to create a home that they love and that supports them to stay happy and healthy.  This is both transformative and creative.

The essence of Laura’s approach through her 1-1 Life & Home Coaching is that it’s only by understanding and loving who you really are that you realise what home really is.  Her aim is to make her clients fall in love with their themselves and their homes, maybe again, or possibly for the very first time.  Both services are available as individual coaching packages or you may decide to incorporate both.

Laura offers a FREE Introductory Session in Belfast or Bangor which you can book by emailing Laura today.

Services Offered

Laura Thompson offers a 1-1 Life Coaching service in both Belfast and Bangor. Book a FREE Introductory Session if you are interested in exploring how Life Coaching with her can positively impact your life. You can book by emailing Laura today.

Free Intro



This  programme includes:

6 x 60min fortnightly 1-1 sessions

6 fortnightly follow up emails and suggested readings / video learning links

3 x 30 min check in Skype sessions

This is currently priced at £360.     (All dates are to be agreed at the start of the programme)

If payment is made in full a discount of 10% is applied.  If payment is to be made monthly, please note it will be £120 per month for three months



This includes:

12 x 60min fortnightly 1-1 sessions

12 fortnightly follow up emails and suggested readings / video learning links

6 x 30min check in Skype sessions

This is currently priced at £600.     (All dates are to be agreed at the start of the programme)

If payment is made in full a discount of 10% is applied.

If payment is to be made monthly, please note it will be £120 per month for five months

Find out more or book your Free Introductory Session by clicking on the image to the right. 

What clients say about Laura:

 "I would so highly recommend you to chat with Laura so she can calmly and sensibly in a non-judgmental or dictatorial manner assess your situation and work with you to bring back a sense of order, clarity and freedom to your life.  She was such a tremendous help to me."

- Lisa Kirkwood, Belfast, January 2016.

Laura offers a Free Introductory Session in Bangor or Belfast for people who are seriously considering applying for a place on her 1-1 Life Coaching Programme. Simply email Laura now to find out more or book.