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Jennie Cruise

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As a Life Coach I believe that you, the client, has all the answers and it is my job to facilitate a process that allows you to find the solutions to the challenges you are facing. My role is to support you on your journey of change and to offer you a safe space to explore options that will ultimately lead you to a place that feels aligned to your true self and your inner happiness.

Jennie Cruise is an experienced Life Coach and mentor with over 12 years experience working with clients in the area of personal development.  Jennie's friendly, approachable manner immediately puts people at ease so that they can get the maximum benefit from the coaching experience with her.

Jennie offers a FREE Introductory Session in Dublin which you can book by  clcking on the image below.

Jennie has over 15 years experience in Adult Education particularly in the area of Personal Development, motivation and positivity.  She lives in Dublin with her large family and runs a community training and education centre in Dublin 15. Her core values are - 

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  • Love
  • Happiness
  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Fairness
  • Peace
  • Spirituality
  • Congruence
  • Empathy
  • Compassion
  • Passion
  • Kindness
  • Balance

Jennie's Intention Statement

I am co-creating a balanced positive career in which I feel proud, valued authentic and energised whilst helping people to reach their full potential by tapping into their own power.

Jennie's Vision Statement

To make a difference in the world today. To work with integrity, honesty and passion in such a way as to give people the tools they need to empower themselves. To shine a light where there is darkness. To offer alternative options to people looking to improve their lives. To make spirituality and positivity more accessible by bringing into more people’s lives by the use of everyday language.

Services Offered

Jennie offer a 1-1 Life Coaching in Dublin, and also via Skype. You can reach her at (01) 2549012. 

This programme comprises 6 sessions spread over a period of time to be agreed between you and Jennie.  Sessions will last 75 minutes each and will take place in Dublin.   Each session will involve exploring options and setting goals. After each session Jennie will link in with you by email to clarify your agreed actions. She will then connect with you again in between sessions to follow up on your progress and to offer you support. 

1-1 Life Coaching Programme

6 sessions lasting 75 minutes each. Total investment only €450 (instalment plan available).

Free Intro

What clients say about Jennie

I've been working with Jennie as my business coach for a number of months now. Jennie's warmth and friendliness are immediate. She has a lovely easy manner and her enthusiasm is very infectious. Her business knowledge and experience are immense.

 - Mary.

I was taking a business entrepreneurship course that required me to submit a business plan. I had no intention of submitting the business plan. However within a short time of talking with Jennie she had pointed out the value of doing the business plan both for myself and my business. "Jennie has a very practical approach to her work and she has a knack of bringing it down to its basics and making it seem very easy. We broke my assignment down into very manageable sections. She got me talking about my business and before I knew it, at our 1st meeting, I had a whole section of my business plan completed. We continued to work through the business plan this way, talking and discussing, as Jennie drew it out of me, literally unknown to me, making it all very easy and doable. Each time we met I was very clear what actions I had to take next. Before I knew it I had my business plan completed. I am very happy and proud to say my business plan came first in the class. I have no doubt that is in no small part to Jennie's support and mentoring of me. She instills great confidence in you. She is very encouraging and patient. She expects you to dream as big as you can and to push yourself.
Jennie is very honest and authentic. We're now working on the next steps in my business activities particularly social media and branding. I really look forward to every time that I meet with Jennie as I know that it will be informative, entertaining and fun while at the same time very beneficial to me and my business. She is a great mentor/coach – bringing out of you that what is within you, very easily. Jennie is a fountain of knowledge which she is more than happy to share with you. It is quite literally a pleasure to work with Jennie. I'm more than happy to recommend Jennie and I couldn't speak highly enough of her."

- Mary O'Connor, Dublin.

I just want to write you a few words to say how much I'm enjoying the coaching and putting all the advice into practice, and making my work life balance easier. You have a great positive outlook on life and are such a pleasure to listen too. I really look forward to our sessions every week."

- Jenny Clancy, Dublin