Eoin Scolard


Soul Coach - Author and Healer - HQ Teacher - Belfast and Dublin.

Have a chat with Eoin and assess if Soul Coaching is for you, by booking your Free Introductory Session here. The Booking Deposit is refunded and all details are emailed to you.

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Soul Coaching facilitates your self-empowerment by harnessing powerful techniques based on  a powerful mix of Life Coaching techniques, core psychological principles, counselling skills, energy healing and natural intuition. 

The process will help you to build ground in your authentic self, connecting your head, your heart and your body in a way that transforms your inner and outer world. It is a powerful process if you would like to explore;

  • Fear and Negativity
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Living on Purpose
  • Manifesting the life you WANT.
  • Befriending Emotions like Anxiety, Sadness and Anger
  • Managing Stress
  • Self-Acceptance
  • Handling Change
  • Improving your Self-Esteem

Free Intro

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Eoin offers a FREE Introductory Session to anyone interested in finding out more about how Soul Coaching can support, empower and transform their lives from the inside out. All Soul Coaching Sessions last for 75 mins (except for Free Introductory Session - 60 mins) and take place in his consulting rooms at in the professional and peaceful surroundings of Source Wellbeing Centre in Belfast. Eoin is very experienced at creating a warm and relaxed atmosphere during sessions. Eoin works very intuitively, knowing at a deep level what exploration, technique, teaching or guidance is most suitable for you during each session.

Cick HERE to check his calendar and availability.  

Eoin has over 20 years experience of Spiritual and Personal Development and has earned himself a strong reputation as a highly respected Soul Coach and HQ- Holistic Intelligence - Teacher and Healer. He is also a gifted group Facilitator and a powerful and inspirational Public Speaker.  

Click HERE to see a few of Eoin's videos, excerpts from his book, and more ...

Eoin's life experience is huge and so far he has had various roles including being a father of 4, Financial Director, husband, ex-husband, entrepreneur, partner, business owner, public speaker and, now, published author. He has also had a near death experience and has been through a complete physical and nervous breakdown due to stress. His passion lies in guiding people to live more heart-centered, open and conscious lives.Since 2001 he has studied and qualified in Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, Cellular Healing, Transpersonal Counselling and many more.

He has been described as "a nurturing presence” and “full of wisdom”.


Cost:  £250 ( Belfast)  
FOUR x 75 minute sessions 
After 4 sessions you are free to extend by another four if it feels right for you.


Cost:  £400 (Belfast) or €540 (Dublin) 
SIX x 75 minute sessions, once a month - for Six Months.
PLUS a Mid-Month Check in via email.

Note: Eoin is not taking any new Dublin clients for a little while - his next availability is Autumn 2017.  

Soul Coaching Liberating 


Why people come to work with Eoin - a few examples:

“I want to get rid of my anxiety” “I want guidance”
“I want to have clarity” “I want to stop beating myself up”
“I want to learn how to deal with confrontation” “I want to figure out who I am”
“I want to be content” “I want to be strong”
“I want to be at peace” “I want to feel at ease with who I am”
“I want to be FREE” “I want to be lighter”
“I want to be more positive” “I want to be less inhibited”
What people say about working with Eoin
My life has changed so much from my contact with you and I know that the skills you taught me will grow, and are being passed on to so many people, my children, my friends and my family. It's infectious!
Ciara, Dublin.
Being that open and honest was a little terrifying but I felt safe enough to go there, so thank you so much for creating that. Newly openhearted me says....Thank you, thank you, thank you! :)
- Deirdre, Belfast.
It`s been an amazing process and I feel FREE as never ever before! It was a fantastic experience with lifelong benefits for me standing and living in my own truth."
Iwona - Dublin, Summer 2013.
Thank You... Thank You and once more Thank You for supporting me on this journey into my heart and soul. 

Eoin's new book "The Possibility Exists..." is now available on Amazon.