Aideen Lyster.

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Aideen Lyster

Life & Law of Attraction Coach

Dublin, Cork & Skype

Aideen is a fully qualified Life Coach, an Education & Career Guidance Counsellor as well as being an Adult Educator working for the last 15 years with adults of all ages and backgrounds who wish to move forward in their lives.  Aideen sees her Life Coaching clients in Dublin, Cork and via Skype and she works intuitively to guide them on their life path.  

She loves working with people, supporting them in the process of - 

Identifying their goals
Evaluating their core values and beliefs
Exploring their possible internal or external blocks
Identifying the action they need to take and supporting them in that action
Encouraging them to establish and maintain their chosen support and networks.

Aideen also facilitates personal, creative and transpersonal development courses/workshops such as The Artist’s Way and the Magic of Gratitude.  Aideen is also a motivational speaker and is also a certified FreshStart Law of Attraction Coach.

Services Offered

Aideen offers a 6 Life Coaching programme in Dublin, Cork and via Skype.  This includes 6 monthly sessions of 1 hour each. 

In each session she will help you to devise an action plan to guide you to move forward towards your chosen goals. 

Halfway through the month Aideen will touch base with you through email or skype to:  

  • check in with how your month is going regarding your action plan
  • see whether you need further clarification/guidance on the action plan
  • explore any external/internal blocks you may be experiencing and how you may overcome them

You will also be provided with an folder/worksheets to use as a resource & support.

Free Intro

How Much Does It Cost?

6 month programme - Total cost is €500.  This can be paid in instalments (€100 Registration Deposit followed by 4 monthly payments of €100).
Aideen offers a FREE Introductory Session if you are interested in exploring how Life Coaching with her can positively impact your life.  Find out more or book your Free Introductory Session by clicking on the image on the right.

What clients say about Aideen

"I first started working with Aideen when I was taking a new career direction. She has been invaluable with getting the new organisation off the ground. Aideen has helped lay out a clean and concise approaches to issues that once felt overwhelming. I hope to work with Aideen for years to come as she is an asset to any organisation."

Aidan, www.ArtAid.World

"Aideen has been my coach for 18 months. When we started I was dreaming of writing a novel but really didn't believe that I could do it. Aideen kept me going when I hit the road blocks, always encouraging, always ready to consider new ways forward. I've now finished that book and I'm ready for the next stage, hunting for a publisher!"

-Amy, Dublin

“Aideen Lyster is an exceptional coach. She is an authentic, insightful, warm and very positive person.  Aideen helped me to achieve clarity and confidence during a period of considerable change and challenge in my life - enabling me to take the road that will lead to fulfilling my personal goals. Throughout my sessions with Aideen,  I felt heard, supported and understood and I always came away knowing exactly what needed to be done, and more importantly she helped me gain access to the tools I needed to do it! I found our sessions immensely helpful. I would strongly recommend Aideen to anyone looking for a top-notch coach”.

– Martina, Dublin.

Aideen offers a Free Introductory Session in Dublin for people who are seriously considering applying for a place on her 1-1 Life Coaching Programme.  Simply email Aideen now or ring her on 01-4428198 to find out more or to book in with her.