How to Transform a Negative Experience

by Jenny Grainger (August 2014)

Last week I found myself spending 3 hours in the Breast Clinic at our local hospital because I had recently discovered a couple of small lumps on my breasts. What could have been a very challenging and stressful experience for me was transformed into something very special because of three key things.....



I used to run Life Coaching courses for breast cancer survivors with the Ulster Cancer Foundation in order to help them to get their lives back together again after breast cancer. The amazing women I met there told me over and over again abouthow breast cancer had positively impacted their lives in strange and unexpected ways and several of them talked about "the gift" that they had received from cancer i.e. support from loved ones, time to reassess their lives, time to slow down etc. Also, obviously, all the women I worked with were survivors. As a result of this, I actually have very positive beliefs around breast cancer and how curable it is so it holds little or no fear for me. This meant that when I was heading to the Breast Clinic last week, I was not so much fearful but more curious about this new life experience. Obviously I do not particularly want to go through the experience of breast cancer or any of the treatments that come with it, but I am not scared of it either. The lives we live are directly impacted by the beliefs we have and our internal beliefs create the outer circumstances of our lives. So, my experience last week was quite relaxed and easy. Change your beliefs and you can change your life.


From the moment I stepped into the Breast Clinic, I started pouring out gratitude internally. I was grateful for the free healthcare. I was grateful that I live in a country where we have state-of-the-art medical facilities and well constructed hospitals. I was grateful for the staff who treated me with great respect and care. I was grateful for the mammogram and ultrasound machines and the people who had invented them. I was grateful for the immediacy of the results. I was grateful that the consultant referred to my body as slim! I was grateful that the biopsy was so painless etc etc.


As I was standing having the mammogram, rather than focus on the discomfort of that, I was thinking about the fact that it is a little ironic that this was happening at a time in my adult life when I am leading a healthier lifestyle than ever. In the last 8 years, I have stopped smoking, drinking alcohol, smoking marijuana, stressing, I exercise more, I look after my energy and eat a fantastically healthy, mostly homegrown, organic diet. So, why was I NOW developing lumps on my breasts? I realised that these lumps are not being caused by my current lifestyle but they are actually OLD NEWS and this reminded me that everything that I (and you) are living today is old news too. Whatever we are living today is as a result of our thoughts, beliefs, feelings and actions in the past. The job you have, the relationships you have, the home you live in, your financial situation have all been created by choices or thoughts you have had in the past.

The good news about all this is that whatever you are thinking about, talking about, dreaming about, writing about, feeling about TODAY, is creating the coming attractions in your life. So now you can take control of that and start to consciously create what you want for your future. For example, in the past, I KNEW with every cell in my body that if I continued with the unhealthy lifestyle choices I was making, I would create dis-ease in my body in the future. Over a period of a few years, I started to make lttle changes and let go off the habits which I knew were not helping me to create the strong, healthy and fit body I desired as I stepped into middle age. I had a vision of being 'fabulous at 50' and although that is still 5 years away, today I make daily choices which help to create this vision of health for my future. After all, like you, I only have control over what I am doing RIGHT NOW and I have to say, it feels great while I am making healthy choices today. Job done!

If you need any help with changing your beliefs, developing a positive vision for your future or making healthy lifestyle changes, then I strongly recommend that you invest in hiring a great Life Coach who will support you all the way.  Check out my FreshStart Accredited Coaches here and book in for a FREE Introductory Session with the one who resonates most with you today.