How to Trust More and Fear Less

By Jenny Grainger (October 2012)

On a recent car journey to Dublin, the motorway was closed for maintenance halfway ana and Eoin and I were forced to follow a long, convoluted diversion through countryside and villages which were unfamiliar to us. To begin with we were both a little stressed by this because the diversion was slowing us down and we were probably going to be late arriving in Dublin. But

very quickly, we decided to accept this fact and we chose to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery which we were driving through. We kept following the DIVERSION signs and it never crossed our minds not to trust that they would lead us back to the motorway eventually.

Finally, after being forced to slow down and enjoy the journey rather than speeding along on auto-pilot, we found ourselves back on the motorway and we arrived a few minutes later than expected. All was well.

I have had to keep reminding myself of this experience over and over during the last couple of months as we have been challenged greatly by an unexpected diversion on our life journey too.

Back in August we were cruising along safe in the knowledge that the next year would be spent living and working at the beautiful home we were renting since we were half way through a 2 year lease here. Then, out of the blue, we were told that if we wanted to stay on for the 2nd year, we had to pay 40% extra! Our understanding was that we had signed a two year lease - but unfortunately it was open to misinterpretation. To say that we were shocked and unsettled by this unexpected obstacle on our journey would be an understatement.

However, thanks to all the personal and spiritual growth we have both experienced and all the tools which we teach others, we were able to not only reach a point of acceptance of this diversion but to realise that it was here to teach us and help us to grow. So, fairly quickly we were actually able to reach for not only grudging acceptance but to move through to grateful acceptance.

So, first of all, I decided to get REALLY clear on my preferred destination. Much as we have loved living where we were, we had also become aware throughout the year that it had its drawbacks and wasn’t quite as perfect for us as we had thought initially. My new desire became “I want a beautiful home which I own outright and I want to create a beautiful healing space for myself and others.” Both of these made me feel excited and hopeful and free when I thought of them. As the landlord refused to compromise and continued to threaten us with eviction if we didn't agree to the new "terms", I just stayed as focused as I could on my destination. I also tried to relax as much as possible and to realise that this diversion could be stressful for me or I could see it as a divinely ordered adventure which was here to teach me some valuable lessons.

Our focus and deep trust despite what was going on around us have now paid off in the manifestation of a beautiful new home which we move into on 7 December and which we own outright. Please understand that, when all this started in August ,this was in no way a possibility but the situation we were in caused me to ask and now it is a reality. The joy, relief and intense gratitude that I feel when I write these words are intense. I am in total awe of the infinite organising intelligence of the Universe which has co-created this miracle with us.

In addition, we had become clear that running our work in our home had become quite intrusive so we followed the diversion signs and we have been led to explore the idea of setting up Source Wellbeing Centre in Belfast. This will be a beautiful, calm place where we can work from but where we can also support other coaches and holistic therapists by providing them with rooms in which to do their work. So it now appears that we are indeed on the road to “create a beautiful healing space for myself and others”. Watch this space….

It blows my mind to think that only 2 months ago I thought that I knew exactly where the next year’s journey was taking me and, even though it was not quite perfect, I was going to stay on that road. Once again the Universe has much bigger and better plans than I could ever conceive of!

So, if you run into diversions on your own journey, why not see if you can relax, enjoy the countryside and thrust that you are going to arrive at your chosen destination or somewhere even nicer exactly when you are meant to however windy and unfamiliar the road is. And, if you are not clear on where you want your destination to be, then why not book a Free Introductory Session with one of my FreshStart Accredited Coaches to see how they can help you get clear on where you are going……