How to Slow Your Life Down

”SLOW DOWN AND ENJOY CHRISTMAS” say the warning signs over the main Dublin roads throughout December. Obviously the authorities are using this as a road safety warning but I am always struck by this message from a different perspective.....

It’s not just at Christmas time that we need to slow down and enjoy ourselves. It is all the time, every day. Our world has speeded up beyond belief over recent years. We expect our food to be prepared instantaneously, we expect our information to be received instantaneously, we expect to be able to communicate across the globe instantaneously and we get stressed and frustrated when anything gets in the way of that happening. Our lives are all about doing, achieving, acquiring. We are so busy getting to where we want to go that we have forgotten to “SLOW DOWN AND ENJOY THE JOURNEY”.

This obsession with busy-ness and doing has turned us into a race of what Dr Wayne Dyer calls “human doings” instead of “human beings”. We have been brain-washed into believing that the most successful people in our society are the ones who achieve the most, who acquire the most, who own the most. I was on that hamster wheel too, for many years but eventually I realised that I would kill myself if I did not consciously “SLOW DOWN AND BREATHE”.

So I started the habit of meditating every day. Even sitting still for 10 minutes was difficult for me to begin with, never mind trying to calm my usual frenetic mind. Then I decided I could just sit and appreciate the amazing gift of breath as it flows in and out of the body, without me having to do a thing. I could “SLOW DOWN AND ENJOY BEING ALIVE.”

Soon I discovered that I could use this peaceful time for what Abraham calls a “Creative Workshop”. First, I get myself comfortable and focus in on my breath as it flows in and out of my body. Then, I shower myself with appreciative thoughts about myself which most people find REALLY difficult when they start it because we are so used to giving ourselves a really hard time and being so negative with ourselves. For most of us, it takes a while to learn how to “SLOW DOWN AND APPRECIATE YOUR SELF”.

Then, I mentally touch on all the things, people, experiences that I am grateful for at that moment. I now love to “SLOW DOWN AND BE GRATEFUL.”
By this stage I am feeling pretty good and I am able to focus on all the amazing things which I am attracting into my life. I visualise them but, more importantly, I FEEL them. I create little vignettes in my mind which are almost like watching a trailer for a movie. As I run these mind movies I start to feel what I will feel like when this thing/experience/event manifests. This is the most important part of my ‘slow down time’. “SLOW DOWN AND ENJOY THIS PERFECT MOMENT.”

Over recent years this internal slowing down has helped me to become a much more relaxed as well as being a conscious co-creator of my life. We are always creating, whether we are doing so consciously or unconsciously. When we slow down and relax we become more conscious and more deliberate in our creations. Then we start to attract what we want rather than what we don’t want. We gradually start to create the life we want but we do so from the inside out. So, why not take a second now to SLOW DOWN and focus on what you want for Christmas this year and how you will FEEL when it manifests in your life. It really is that simple!

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In the meantime, I do hope you will “SLOW DOWN AND ENJOY CHRISTMAS TO THE MAX!"