How to Attract Your Perfect Partner

Do you find yourself in the same type of relationships with the same type of people over and over again?  I did!

For most of my life I seemed to attract unfulfilling and unstable relationships with emotionally unavailable men. And then, after the breakdown of my second marriage, I learned a few things that completely changed my love life for ever. A year later I went to Italy and met my perfect partner on top of a hill there and we have now spent 7 blissful years together without an argument or angry word to each other. It IS possible!

More and more clients contact FreshStart for Life Coaching or Relationship Coaching every year because they are single and looking for their perfect match. They tell me that there are no decent men/women out there and that they are scared they will be single for the rest of their lives. However, when Relationship Coach Denise McNally or any of our other Accredited Coaches ask them if they are clear on exactly they want in a partner and to tell us what type of relationships they want to be in, they look like rabbits caught in the headlight - "oh, just a nice guy" or "just a happy relationship same as everyone else" are common answers!

I am hazarding a guess here but I suspect that if I handed you £25,000 and told you that you had to buy yourself a new car with it, you would get really excited. Then what would you do? You would probably write down a list of things you want from your new car - convertible, economic on fuel, spacious boot for the dog, satnav etc - then you would go on the internet or buy a few car magazines and start researching what is available in that price range with those requirements. You would tell your colleagues and your friends all about the new car you are going to buy and how exciting it is going to be when you put the roof down for the first time on a lovely sunny day. Then you would go out and test drive a few different cars to see what they felt like. After driving a convertible for the first time you might decide that actually they are a bit draughty and noisy and that you don't want one after all so you start looking at other options. Finally, after a process of self-enquiry, research and trial and error, you find the perfect car for you and you go and buy it.

So, if you are willing to go through this process to buy a car, why would you not put as much time and energy into the process of finding your perfect partner? And by that I do not just mean going out on lots of dates with different people (test drives!!). I mean taking the time to get very, very, very clear on what qualities and attributes are essential in a partner for you to be at your best in relationship and what your ideal relationship looks and feels like.

Like cars, every human being is a different model and has different specifications. If you live in the country and need a 4-wheel drive, a Smart Car is not going to suit you - that is obvious. But there are an awful lot of 4-wheel drives on the market now so you will need to get clearer and clearer about what other specifications are vital to your enjoyment and pleasure as well!

If you want to find out more about what I learnt that allowed me to finally attract my perfect partner and what Eoin Scolard learnt that allowed him to attract me, then check out this short video.   If you are ready to make a major change to the type of relationships which you are attracting into your life then why not book a FREE Introductory Session with our resident Relationship Coach Denise McNally by clicking here.