How to Create a Life You Love

Over the last 9 years of living and teaching the Law of Attraction, I have come across many different tools and techniques which claim to help us to become deliberate creators of our own lives. However, for me, the most simple and effective one I have found is

what I call "CLARITY THROUGH CONTRAST". It has helped me to manifest a relationship which ticks all the boxes for me, a beautiful home which I own outright, work which I love, a mid-life Gap Year which allowed me to work only 1 week per month, a vibrant, healthy body, great relationships with others and so much more.
It is SO simple......give it a go!

So, what is contrast and why is it important to embrace it?

- Contrast is everything you don’t want or don’t like in your life.
- Most of the time we try to resist contrast and push it away but we end up talking about it and focusing on it even more.
- Contrast is your friend because everything you know you DON’T want is giving you great information about what you DO want instead.
- The optimum amount of time to focus on contrast is BRIEFLY!
- Pivoting is the process of realising that you are experiencing contrast and then asking yourself “so what DO I want instead of this”.
- Another way to pivot your energy is by saying “won’t it be great when….”.
- You can help friends, family and colleagues a lot more by asking them what they want rather than letting them go on and on about what they don’t want!
- When you embrace contrast as your friend you can start to get clearer and clearer about what you really want in your life and align your energy to attract this in.

“When people start focusing on what they want, what they don’t want falls away - what they want expands and the other part disappears.”
Jack Canfield

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