How to Keep Your Mind Open

Excerpt From "The Possibility Exists....." by Eoin Scolard. 

THE POSSIBILITY EXISTS. These three words will liberate you from reactivity, open you into possibility and fire up new creativity. All you have to do is to get your mind used to those three words.

THE POSSIBILITY EXISTS is a very powerful statement because it's always true.

If the possibility doesn’t exist in your mind then it cannot happen. Remember that. Use those three words any time you find yourself reacting to what’s happening or closing down in any way. Repeat them as often as you can, have fun with them and see how empowering they can be.

Here are a few examples. You're driving to an appointment. There's a traffic jam. You have to meet someone in fifteen minutes, and your mind begins to frame the thought that you'll be late. Damn! You hate being late. You can’t even text the person you're meeting because you forgot your phone. Double damn! Your mind starts wondering what they will think of you. Then you remember to breathe, and to drop into that space between stimulus and response. The stimulus is already here – the traffic jam. The response is totally your choice once you remember the three words, and so you begin to try them out.
THE POSSIBILITY EXISTS … THAT I WON’T BE LATE. You like this possibility, but you’re absolutely convinced you will be. So you try another one. THE POSSIBILITY EXISTS ... THAT SHE'S DELAYED TOO AND WILL BE EVEN LATER. Hmmm. This one is possible. It feels a bit easier to go with this, because it’s true. But what if she’s not late? What if she’s sitting there impatiently, waiting for me? So you try another one. THE

POSSIBILITY EXISTS … THAT I WILL BE LATE, AND THAT I CAN BE OK WITH THAT. Result! You realize that of course, it’s possible for you to be ok with being late, so you open into it. You start to feel the possibility of being ok with it. Yes! Your breathing slows and you start to notice the car and the traffic in a different way.

You try a few more, just for the fun of it. THE POSSIBILITY EXISTS … THAT I DON'T HAVE TO
"FIGHT" WITH WHAT'S ACTUALLY HAPPENING. Yes, that’s a possibility. You begin to feel more in control of what you are thinking and feeling. Now that your mind is no longer fixated on fighting the situation, it moves towards a solution.

THE POSSIBILITY EXISTS … THAT I COULD TURN ON SOME OF MY FAVOURITE MUSIC AND RELAX. Job done! You have moved into creative mode, where YOU decide how you are with a situation.

There are so many possibilities that we can tune into in every moment, but we tend to be run by our unconscious reactions which are usually negative, stressful and possibly critical of ourselves. So I find it useful to keep those three word very close, using them as a remedy for reactive behavior and as an antidote to my Inner Critic. You know that critical voice inside, don’t you? It’s the one that’s very strident and sure of itself. It shouts things like “It’ll never work out for you” or “You’ll never be a writer! ” or even “You’re just a waste of space.” When it starts a rant, I remind myself that all possibilities exist, and that all I have to do is to open my mind to that truth.

“It’ll never work out for you” becomes … “The possibility exists that everything is working out perfectly.”
“You’ll never be a writer!” becomes … “The possibility exists that I am already a writer and you haven’t caught up yet, because you’re a voice from the past. The possibility exists that you’re jealous!”

My favourite one for dealing with my Inner Critic is this “The possibility exists that the only reason you exist is to show me what not to believe and how not to live. I love feeling into new possibilities. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!” You’ll find that the Critic doesn’t like to be thanked! It’s a powerful way to disarm it.

Here are a few more examples -
THE POSSIBILITY EXISTS …that I am learning to respond rather than react.
THE POSSIBILITY EXISTS … that no one is against me!
THE POSSIBILITY EXISTS … that my life is unfolding perfectly, without my mind needing to be so involved.
THE POSSIBILITY EXISTS … that I am enough just as I am.
THE POSSIBILITY EXISTS … that I am growing more and more confident each day.
THE POSSIBILITY EXISTS … that I have everything I need inside me!
THE POSSIBILITY EXISTS … that this day is a new beginning.
THE POSSIBILITY EXISTS … that I don’t need to compare myself to anyone.
THE POSSIBILITY EXISTS … that whatever happens, I’ll handle it!
THE POSSIBILITY EXISTS … that the more I relax the brighter my future!
THE POSSIBILITY EXISTS … that I am exactly where I am supposed to be!
THE POSSIBILITY EXISTS … that every decision I make is the right one for me!
THE POSSIBILITY EXISTS … that my life will experience a dramatic shift as a result of reading this book and completing all the exercises!
THE POSSIBILITY EXISTS … that I don’t need to know why she did that.
THE POSSIBILITY EXISTS … that I don’t know how wonderful my future is looking already!
THE POSSIBILITY EXISTS … that all I have to do is believe in possibility and get excited by it!"

From "The Possibility Exists....." by Eoin Scolard. Order your copy today at