How to Change the World

As Eoin and I sat watching the unfolding of the horrific events in Paris last Friday night, like many of you reading this I am sure, my heart was aching with sadness. I was sad for all those who had been traumatised on a ‘normal’ Friday night out in the city, for all those whose loved ones would not be coming home at the end of the night, for the impact on one of my favourite cities in the world, for the

ripple-effects that these events will have across Europe and the rest of the world and for the fear and anger that they would evoke in so many peoples’ hearts and minds. But mostly I was sad because, yet again, a small minority of the population have proven that they have the power to create so much terror, destruction and chaos in the lives of the vast majority of the population. I was born in Belfast the year the Troubles started and was raised in this country where fear and mistrust were part of everyday life and where the residual trauma field is still palpable to so many of us. My heart breaks to see yet another beautiful part of the world impacted by terrorists.

Why is it that these small terrorist cells can wield so much power over the rest of the population when they are heavily outweighed in number by those of us who want to live peacefully? I attended a lecture given by author and spiritual teacher Marianne Williamson a few years ago where she explained her view on this. She said that terrorists are only powerful because they believe so passionately in their cause that they are willing to die for it. She is, of course, right. The 8 people who caused all the carnage and chaos in Paris last Friday were wearing suicide vests and had already decided that this would be the last act in their life. They truly believed that their message was important enough to give up their lives for. They loved their god, their leaders, their religion, their politics enough to kill and die for them. This is an extremely powerful message to the world.

As most of the western world went into reactive behaviour and words last weekend, I chose a different path. So often when something happens in our own lives or in the world around us that we don’t like or don’t want, we invest a huge amount of time and energy into talking/blogging/ranting about it. Everything that I have learnt about life over the last decade on my spiritual journey means that I am really only interested in what you are FOR and not what you are AGAINST. Personally, I am FOR peace. I am FOR tolerance. I am FOR acceptance regardless of your race, colour, religion, gender, sexuality or beliefs. I am FOR compassion. I am FOR a world where we can move around feeling safe and secure. I am FOR co-operation. I am FOR collaboration. I am FOR education. I am FOR co-creation. I am FOR beauty.

So, last weekend, instead of lashing out against the terrorists and bemoaning the state of the world, I chose to BE the peace that I want to see in the world. I retreated for the weekend and I prayed, meditated, chanted, moved peacefully, spoke gently and embodied acceptance, tolerance and compassion to the best of my abilities in my own little corner of the world.

I truly believe that each of us has the power to create a more peaceful, tolerant world. However, we need to become as passionate about and committed to our beliefs and our vision as the terrorists are to theirs. As I write this, I am questioning whether I would be willing to die for my peaceful, harmonious vision for the world. Am I really as committed to my cause as the suicide bombers who gave their lives in Paris and Beirut last week? Sadly, the answer is ‘no’ as I suspect it is for you too. But I AM 100% committed to creating as many ‘cells of light’ as possible to offset the terrorist cells. It is the reason I run the Positive Living Network, it is the reason we run Source Wellbeing Centre, it is the reason I love to bring Miranda MacPherson to Ireland every year, it is that I mentor and support my FreshStart Accredited Coaches…… I truly believe that the more of us who come together to create ‘cells of light’ with the aim of embodying peace, tolerance and raising consciousness in our own lives, the less power will be wielded by the terrorist cells across the world. Because, after all, DARKNESS CANNOT EXIST IN THE PRESENCE OF LIGHT.

I do hope that you will come along and join at least one of our ‘cells of light’ over coming months so that together we can be the change we want to see in the world. Please share this post if you would like to see more light in the world.

May all beings be well,

May all beings be at peace,

May all beings be happy.

Jenny G x