How to Spring-Clean your Life

The last few months have seen some enormous changes in my life including a new, permanent home at last, working outside of my home for the first time in 8 years and my ‘baby’ turning 18. It has been an amazing winter and one which has brought me yet more peace, balance, fulfilment and joy.

We moved house in early December last year and I am deeply grateful to now own a beautiful home set in a glorious part of Co Down. After so much moving over the last 18 years (10 houses), I have instructed the family to shoot me if I ever mention moving house again. At the ripe old age of 44, I am now putting down roots and Eoin and I are loving the process of making this house into our long-term home.

The garden was one of the things which made us fall in love with our home but, obviously, since we moved in the depths of winter and it has been winter ever since, it is only in the last couple of weeks that we are starting to see some spring growth coming through.

What we soon realised is that the garden was badly neglected by the previous owner and, despite the fact that it has some lovely plants in it, we can hardly see them because it has been left to go a quite wild. Rather than seeing it as a huge job that needs done, we are relishing every moment of the process of bringing the garden back to its former glory and we feel like archaeologists unearthing clues to the past!

A couple of weekends ago, I spent the entire weekend out in the garden focusing my time, energy and attention on one flower bed. My aim was simply to tidy it up and make it look nicer but, as I started the task, I quickly realised that I couldn’t just do a superficial tidy of it. Since we are staying here long-term, we want to make sure that when we do a job, we do it right otherwise we will just have to do it again very soon.

In this particular flowerbed, the weeds and ivy had rooted themselves so thickly that I was literally going to have to pull each root up individually. Also, the shrubs and trees had been so badly neglected that I was going to have to prune them back really harshly before I could actually see what was there and what I wanted to keep. So the next 24 hours were spent pulling, digging, chopping and tearing out old unwanted growth in order to let in some light and air to the lovely plants which were being choked and hidden underneath. At the end of the first day, I had removed about 6 wheelbarrow loads of debris and I had great fun burning all this old, unwanted deadwood in an enormous bonfire.

When I was finished, the flowerbed looked completely different and a little bare but, since then, all the beautiful spring plants which were hidden have been able to experience a little light and air and are starting to reveal themselves. In doing so, they lift our spirits every day.

As I was going through this tough process which resulted in the creation of something beautiful, I was reminded of the importance of doing some mental spring cleaning as well. It is a very similar process….

At least once a year, it is worth spending some time exploring the gardens we have growing in our minds. These gardens are made up of our thoughts, belief systems and conditioning. There are some stunningly beautiful plants (positive thoughts and expectations) growing there which you have planted deliberately but it is all too easy for weeds (negativity) to appear without you even realising they are there. If we do not do a spring clean, our mental gardens can become clogged up, overgrown with weeds (negativity) and the new, beautiful growth (our dreams and aspirations) simply can’t grow. Not enough light (energy) and air (attention) reaches the parts of the flowerbed which we really want to encourage to grow. Instead, the weeds and ivy take over and stop the new spring growth appearing. You can become a bit stuck in a rut. You think and do the same old things, day in, day out without questioning why you are doing them. You don’t allow yourself to grow in the way you would like to. You stop yourself from blossoming and sharing your beauty with the world.

Just as the actual garden needed my help, sometimes we all need a little help in identifying the weeds and deadwood in our mental gardens, then pulling them out by the roots and burning them. So, why not book a FREE Introductory Session with one of our FreshStart Accredited Coaches today to help you to get some clarity on your life?