How to Create a Home You Love

If I were to ask you what does “home" mean, what would you say? According to the Oxford English Dictionary, “home" is "the place one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household."      

Now this has actually made me giggle! Why?

My definition of a home is a very different one.  A home to me is a place I go to recharge and rejuvenate myself. It’s a space that I live out of and entertain in. It’s a place of love, respect, peace and joy.  It's a constant in my life. It has many addresses!

You see, as a Life & Home Coach, I believe our homes are a metaphor for our lives. We all have our own story as to what a home is. Our definition of our home and our story around our home is heavily intertwined with how we are currently living  in our  lives. 

So what is your story?

Are you all loved up and nesting?

Are you surviving the daily comings and goings of family life?

Maybe you're creating a much-needed sanctuary?

Do you feel like a bird in a gilded cage?

Are you upsizing or downsizing out of desire or necessity?

The essence of my work as a Life & Home Coach is two fold.   Let me explain a little more.....

When you hire me as your Coach I will invite you to understand and love who you really are at this stage in your life and then, if you want to, we will look at how your home can support you. My aim is to make my clients fall in love with themselves first and then laterally their homes, maybe again or for the very first time.  Why am I so passionate about this?

At various times in all our lives we can all do with reassessing things, this includes our homes.  Our home situations can change. For instance, this can be through a move or a healthy change in its occupants. One thing is for sure - our outer world reflects our inner world.  

Take a look around your home, in particular the room you are sitting in as you read this.   Does it reflect warmth?  If the answer is no then I invite you to use your creative imagination and add some warm energy to your home. Maybe light the fire or some candles, add some cozy blankets, soft lighting, play some sensual music or display some greeting cards and fresh flowers. By warming up your outer world, your inner world (that’s you) will respond to the warmth! Your response will increase your energy levels which automatically shifts all outward appearances for the better in your life.  You will notice, things will just seem that little bit easier as soon as you start to make some simple changes around you.

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