How to Handle Your Gremlins

Over the last few months I’ve been peeling back another layer of my being, and through the peeling I became aware that I was back in my old habit of trying to fit in, and people pleasing.  Having started to work full time in my own beautiful wellness company earlier this year I was surprised that things didn’t flow with grace, joy and ease. I noticed that something was out of alignment.  Working with my own Coaches (because even Coaches need Coaches!) I slowly realised

my old pattern of ‘fitting in’ had crept in AGAIN- to my HORROR- but then I saw the judgement and began to giggle, after I’d cried.

So over the last few months I’ve been using giant sheets of paper and lots of colourful markers. Taking things out of my head, using colour and creativity has helped me to see things from a different perspective.

I realised I was afraid of being judged and placed in the ‘woo-woo’ bucket. But then I consciously accepted that I live my life from this space of deeper alignment or magic as I like to call it. I very happily splash around in the bucket of possibility, yet I felt I should dilute this in my work as a Coach.

So I’ve realised that to fit in with my own heart I will stand out! I will forgo the sense of safety and comfort to live in and from my heart, I will splash away in my bucket of magic and possibility, and drench anyone who comes my way- WHY you might ask???

Because we are multi-layer beings, our thoughts, emotions, energy, physical body are all interconnected. Most of our decisions in life comes from our subconscious, which is where we have hidden away most of our life experiences- the good, and the bad.

What if you could shine a light of awareness into this darkness and consciously illuminate the gremlins that are keeping you blocked and stuck- would you?? With support, would you be willing to face them- look them square in the eye to dissolve them? To remove the glass ceiling that is keeping you stuck and small?

Well, this is the splashing I’m talking about- pure acceptance, pure love, pure potential, removing the blocks one layer at a time- softness, compassion, curiosity, transforming dreams into reality- alignment at its best- body, mind & spirit.

So, as we transition from 2016 to 2017, I encourage you to take a few moments to recognise what is keeping you stuck? What is your glass ceiling that is confining you? Still not sure??

Try this simple exercise…(cue paper and colours)

• Pick a topic, write one list of what has not worked, one list of what you want it to be, and leave blank space in the middle.
• Begin to consciously notice your breath and connect with your body. Sit in a space of stillness within the opposites of your desire and tune in (it gets easier the more you do it).
• With a deep sense of awareness notice what feelings are coming up, any images, thoughts, body sensations. Stay in this deep state of awareness for 5 – 10 minutes, or as long as you feel you need to.
• Write down your observations in the middle section between the opposites of your desire.
• Now let me introduce you to your very own gremlins that are keeping you stuck (yep it really is that simple, and the more you do it the easier it gets).
• Dig into your tool box to help dissolve this stuck pattern, and if you don’t have a tool box try this sample EFT / Tapping video.
• Now be aware of how this gremlin shows up in your day or week, consciously choosing to live from a space of love, of wholeness, of compassion, gently allowing this pattern to dissolve.
• Now take a scissors (can you tell I was a Montessori teacher in a previous life) and cut out the what has not worked list, and the list of blocks. Take them outside and burn them, perhaps under the full moon if the timing of this aligns. Move into the space of symbolically letting them go, thanking each block and gremlin for the role they have played in your life, and consciously choosing to release them.

Dissolving your gremlins & breaking through your glass ceiling does take conscious awareness, commitment and sometimes time, but it does work. And ultimately allows your dreams to become your reality, as you return to your natural state of wholeness.

So I have decided to integrate all layers of my being into all layers of my work. Body – Mind – Spirit. No more hiding in the spiritual closet, as I rise above my own glass ceiling and consciously choose to serve from a space of whole-hearted alignment. I allow my 2017 to sparkle with magic and overflow with joy, grace and ease.

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