How to Experience Love in 2017

By our Life & Love Coach Denise Mcnally

As a Life and Love Coach I am passionate about the importance of reflecting on our relationship with self and others.

Put aside your personal resolutions for a moment to focus on your relationships. The beginning of a New Year is always a great time for renewal and breathing new life into old worn out habitual ways of thinking and being. It's a time to take control, reflect, refresh and assess where we are

in our lives and where we want to be and that journey includes thinking about our relationships.

Are you setting any relationship goals for 2017?

Instead of resorting to the same old resolutions you make and fail to keep, why not focus your energies on making some small changes to how you approach your relationship with your Self and significant others and see how big the improvements can be.

We are effectively in relationships in all areas of our lives, personal, work and family, reflect are there any areas of you at the core of these extended relationships that you want to change? To improve? To let go off? To bring in something new or to refresh old patterns ?

Maybe you want to explore your relationship with your Self, how you co exist with Self and your levels of self- care, self -love and wholeness?

Maybe you want to attract in a new healthy loving, playful, passionate, co- creating personal relationship?

Maybe you want to improve your current relationship/marriage/cohabiting family and bring back the spark, learn to communicate better and generally improve the overall experience of sharing space and time together?

When it comes to romantic relationships, a handful of goals are necessary to enhance the longevity and success in love. Since each and every relationship is different, setting goals to improve a relationship may include self-improvement (learning how to communicate better), time management (clearing the schedule for quality time), unconditional acceptance and love for each other, respect compromise, patience, tolerance, non-judgement and security.

You may want to improve working relationships, family communication and dynamics or you may want to stop relationship behaviours that do not serve you – self-sabotage, cycling negative patterns, co-dependence, negative thinking, procrastination, learned helplessness, attachment to abusive disempowering dynamics that leave your energy and soul feeling depleted and stuck in a painful negative place.

The great thing about relationship resolutions is that once you see a result, you activate the reward centres in your brain and you will naturally want to continue!!

So when you are making those New Years resolutions do not forgot to incorporate relationship goals. I am available for a FREE Introductory Session should you wish to explore and facilitate this process of relationship goal setting and transformational change. Find out more here

May 2017 bring you much peace, outrageous joy, happiness and soul drenched radiance.
Love Denise.