Sisterhood will Save the World

(This blog post was written in August 2016 but never published and completely forgotten about.  I found it on my laptop the day after attending the Sister Rally in Belfast to support the Women's March on Washington!  It seems like an appropriate time to share it. JG)


As I write this I am sitting in the blissful garden here at our home in Co. Down, Northern Ireland.  It is less than ½ hour after my weekend house guests have left and the energy I am sitting in is beautifully soft, deeply relaxed.  I feel fully present to myself, to the flow of words coming through my fingers onto my keypad and to Mother Nature who is very alive all around me as the sun tries to break through the white clouds.  Sat Chit Ananda was defined by Maharishi as.......

Sat is that never changes, Truth, Absolute Being.

Chit is consciousness.

Ananda is bliss.

Absolute Bliss Consciousness.

This pretty much sums up my experience here in this moment.  And, yet, in the past I would have been absolutely exhausted and energetically drained if I had hosted 3 “colleagues” for 24 hours in my home….not just entertaining them with food but facilitating and holding space for a 24 hour ‘team building’ weekend. I would have spent days preparing for it, got very stressed out about everything having to be perfect and being 100% responsible for whether or not they enjoyed/benefited from the weekend.  So with all that build up, once they left I would then have just collapsed in a heap of martyrdom and perfectionism.

And yet right here, right now I am experiencing an almost champagne-like bubbliness in my energy at the same time as a deep fulfilment, profound gratitude and complete awe at the Universe and how incredibly intelligent it can be when you really live with intention, create space and tune into the guidance that it is giving us second by second.

To what do I attribute this state of being in this moment?

The three “colleagues” who have just left make up the current team of the Positive Living Network which is one of the three small businesses which I run while working remotely (wherever in the world I choose to be) no more than 20 hours a week.  This is the new life which I have created for myself as I enter the world of the Lifestyle Entrepreneur!  Over the last couple of years I received some guidance to “stop doing it all yourself” which was my norm and, instead to find a way to collaborate with others in a mutually beneficial way.  Organically and in beautiful timing these 3 women appeared in my life.  They are all now Organisers of their own PLN groups in Dublin, Newry and Belfast.  They are all self-employed in this work.  They are responsible for defining success for their groups and taking inspired action to allow that to happen.  I am the Director of PLN and my new role is to mentor each of the Organisers, support them in their own professional development and market PLN as a whole and their individual events each month.

I was drawn to these women because my intention is to only collaborate with people who have similar core values to me.  These include respect, integrity, openness, trust and growth.  I also deeply admire each of the three ladies for their strength, courage, resilience, wisdom and compassion.

Our ‘team weekend’ consisted of tea, meditation, prayer, afternoon tea, setting intentions, identifying blocks, more tea, a walk across the fields, dinner, focus, clarity, bonfire, letting go, more tea, honesty, sharing, sleep, breakfast, strategizing, forward planning and more tea!  All this flowed seamlessly with literally 0% stress.  We all felt safe, nurtured, appreciated, respected, valued and honoured.  And we had some great craic as well as some deeply healing conversations.


I am now part of 5 groups of women who are creating really positive change in their lives and the lives of others through collaboration, support, trust and respect.  Each and every one of the groups is different.  3 of the groups are in a professional capacity and the other 2 are personal commitments that I have entered into joyfully and wholeheartedly.

I can honestly say that these collaborations have become hugely supportive in my own personal and spiritual development as I evolve from Life Coach into my new professional role.  All 3 of my businesses have grown out of my intention to support others in creating positive and meaningful change in their lives and all the sisters with whom I am collaborating in these business have a similar intention.  We genuinely all want to bring positive change to this Emerald Isle that we live on.  We now know that the easiest way to do that is by gathering together and creating what Marianne Williamson described as “cells of Light” in a lecture of hers that I attended in Dublin a few years ago.  She said that the reason that a small number of terrorist cells or dictators are able to be so powerful in our world is because they are 100% committed to their beliefs and prepared to die for them.  Marianne then proposed that, in order to counterbalance the energy and influence of terrorists, we need to create as many “cells of light” as possible around the world.  As someone who grow up with the backdrop of the ‘Troubles’ in Nothern Ireland, this concept really resonated with me and I decided that since I am not a politician or an activist, the way I could contribute to the much-needed forward movement and evolution of this beautiful country was through gathering groups of sisters around me who were also hungry for healing and change to take place.

So when the Dalai Lama said that “The world will be saved by the Western Woman” I did not just read that statement and file it away in my brain with all the other amazing quotes which I have stored in there.  No.  I decided to take it right into the core of my being and to believe it.

The way I am ‘doing business’ and ‘working' now is a million miles away from the stress and difficulties which I encountered working on a Eurobond dealing desk in a merchant bank in the City of London aged 18.  It bears no resemblance to being employed as a negotiator in an estate agency aged 24.  It could not have been more different than the dread that I used to experience every time that I had to organise a film shoot when I was a TV producer aged 35. All that work was reliant on me stepping into my masculine energy, pushing myself to 'succeed' and working hours which did not suit my natural cycles.

My ‘work’ this weekend has flowed.  It has been effortless.  It has been relaxing.  It has been supportive and supported.  It has been a joy and I have felt deeply in my feminine energy the whole time!

(As you read on, please remember that this was written 6 months before the Women's March on Washington in protest against Trump!)

Imagine what will happen when more and more of us Western women start to question the old male establishments and rules which still direct our day-to-day lives and keep us trapped in lives half lived doing work we hate just so we can afford to buy more stuff/ eat more food/drink more wine or whatever it is we do to fill the emptiness that the half lived life is creating in us in the first place.

Imagine what will happen when these women start to collaborate more and more and combine their amazing creativity, intuition, power and wisdom.  Will the obesity epidemic continue while children are still starving in the world every day?  Will a small few still hold obscene amounts of money while others die homeless and unloved on the streets?  Will our beautiful planet continue to be destroyed by greedy corporations? Will weapons of mass destruction still exist?  Will the prescription drug addiction epidemic continue?  Will the education system continue to fail our children by teaching irrelevant subjects instead of offering them a values-based holistic education? Will our health services still focus on treating illness instead of promoting how to live a healthy, happy life?

You may be surprised to hear that I have never classified myself as a feminist and I still don’t.  I don’t really like being classified as anything because that immediately gives pre-conceived ideas of who I really am as a person. 

However, what I do believe is that when groups of awakening women gather together amazing things happen and they generate enormous power.  If we could just trust in that and consciously harness that power then our work places will change for the better, education will change for the better, our health services will change for the better, our world economy will change for the better, our planet will be better cared for and the overall wellbeing of our human family will increase hugely.

Sisterhood is where it is at!

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