How to Feel Happier Now

Today I woke up feeling a bit grumpy and hormonal. I don't like feeling like that *!#* - so I decided to change how I felt - and this inspired me to share with you the simplest and most effective way to raise your vibe and feel happier now. 

I am delighted to say this is FREE and it is SIMPLE and you can do it anytime, anyplace, anywhere! In fact, it is so simple that your ego-mind will want to dismiss it and say ‘it can’t be that easy’. But, then again, your ego-mind doesn’t really want you to be happy anyway so, if I were you, I would read on and ignore any inner voices which you can hear right now!

As human beings, we have a deep desire to feel happy. What I have come to realise over recent years is that it doesn’t matter whether the client sitting in front of me says they want a new job, the perfect partner or to feel better about their body, the reason they want it is the same. Everything we want is because we think that we are going to feel better in the having of it . Recently I have started watching the excellent TV series ‘Mad Men’ and it reminds me over and over again that the whole multi-billion pound advertising industry is built on trying to sell us happiness……this car will make you happy, this drink will make you happy, this lifestyle will make you happy. Of course, Mad Men is set in the 1950s and since then a whole new industry has emerged which is built on the promise of making us happier people. The self-help/personal development industry is now enormous and the wide array of tools, techniques, products, books and workshops all promising to make us happier people is quite overwhelming and baffling. You could try NLP, EFT, IET, CBTor a whole host of other letters. You could go to angel workshops, meditate, balance your chakras, work with crystals or pay a small fortune to travel around sacred sites in Europe with Wayne Dyer. The list goes on ad infinitum and any or all of these things might help you.

Or, you could go the conventional route and just pop a Prozac pill as I was recommended to do by my GP 8 years ago.

But remember, the only reason you are even thinking about doing any of these things is because you want to feel happier, you want to feel lighter, you want to feel more at peace with yourself. What if you could feel like that right here, right now and it didn’t cost you a penny? When I am working with my clients and Law of Attraction students I talk a lot about the Emotional Scale as outlined by Abraham-Hicks. It looks something like this….

You will notice that the word ‘happiness’ is not used anywhere on this scale because it is too vague and not specific enough but what is very clear is that at the bottom of the scale we see all the really low energy, heavy vibration emotions like depression and despair. At the top of the scale we have those lovely high vibe emotions like joy, playfulness,optimism andpassion. These are the emotions which most of us want to feel all the time but, of course, as human beings we tend to move up and down this scale with alarming speed. I know I certainly have days like today when I can go from feeling despair to optimism or from grief to joy fairly quickly and I am sure you are the same.

As with everything else in this Universe, our emotions are ever-changing and it would be naïve to believe that this will not be the case. Unless, that is, you reach total enlightenment like Buddha, Jesus and some of the current enlightened beings who walk our planet and, even then, my understanding is that they still experience shifting emotions but they do not get caught up in them...but that is a whole other subject for another day!

So, given that if you are reading this article you are probably not a fully enlightened being then the questions are…..

“When I realise that I am experiencing some emotions which are dragging me lower down the emotional scale than I wish to be, how can I raise my vibe?”

“When I am feeling negative and low and know that there is no point in even trying to reach for ‘joy’ or ‘playfulness’ because they are simply too far away from where I am now, what can I do to feel happier?”

Remember, I said the answer was so simple that your ego-mind would rail against it? Here goes…



When you look at the top of the emotional scale you will see that up there with passion, wild love, joy etc are the words GRATITUDE and APPRECIATION. There are days like today when I am simply so overwhelmed by negative feelings that there is absolutely no way on this earth that I am going to be able to feel playful or joyous but I can always, always, always find something to be grateful for or to appreciate. And, if I allow myself to really focus on it, there are actually lots of things that I can be grateful for, simple things that I take for granted most of the time and then I can go on what Abraham-Hicks refer to as a ‘Rampage of Appreciation’ which looks something like this. Today I am grateful for…

My 10 fingers which allow me to type this article

My keyboard and laptop

My eyes which allow me to see what I am typing

The cup of tea beside me

Being self-employed and in control of my own time

The time and space to write this article

My beating heart and all the organs inside me which are keeping me alive without me having to do anything

The breath going in and out of my body so effortlessly

My cosy dressing-gown

The peace that surrounds me

All the experiences in my life which have led me to this point

The inspiration which flows through me as I write this

The ability to share my thoughts and ideas with so many people in the hope that they will make a positive difference

The education I received which taught me how to read and write

All the great teachers who have supported me on my journey

And, so it goes on and on and on…… So when I woke up this morning feeling a little grumpy, hormonal and not full of joy I was probably sitting at about a 3 on the emotional scale but the very act of taking a couple of minutes to experience some gratitude and appreciation has already raised me right up to a 1 again and for that I am VERY grateful! Why not give it a go and let me know how you get on!  And, in the meantime, get yourself a copy of any of these books which will change how you experience your emotions and how they impact your life.....