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Jenny Grainger





Jenny has been experimenting with her life for the last 9 years since leaving her work as a TV Producer.  2014 sees the start of a new experiment as Jenny takes a Mid-Life Gap Year in order to create even more balance, space and peace in her life.  To be kept up-to-date with Jenny's upcoming videos from her Mid-Life Gap Year, click here and subscribe to our YouTube channel.  Jenny is still seeing clients as part of her Exclusive 1-1 Life Coaching Programme throughout her Gap Year.  Click here for full information about this programme.


Jenny Grainger describes herself as

an ordinary woman creating an extraordinary life which is getting better and better and better.  I am definitely a work in progress but I am loving the adventure....


Jenny Grainger newHaving spent nearly 10 years working in the field of Television Production, Jenny found that the constant stress of juggling a demanding work-schedule and family life was taking its toll physically, emotionally and spiritually. Her wake-up call came in the form of her daughter being hit by a car at the age of 8 and Jenny realized almost immediately that her priorities had been out of balance for many years. After a period of deep self-examination and self-discovery, she hired a Life Coach to help her try to regain some balance and to pursue her long-standing dream of finding a career that made a positive difference to the lives of others. Within a few months, FreshStart Life Coaching was born.


"I can certainly recommend Jenny Grainger as life coach and guide through rocky times. I went to see Jenny last year with a head full of worries and concerns. She gently and positively took me through techniques and systems which helped me see my life and my concerns in a completely different way. After my first session I literally couldn't stop laughing on the way home. Not only did I feel like a huge weight, (of my own making!), had been lifted off my shoulders, but I also felt infused with a beautiful sparkling effervescent energy - also of my own making. Jenny really helped me see which energy I was choosing to see my life through and which energy would be preferable! She is very sparkly herself so that helps!"  
EB, Belfast


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Jenny has now been working as a Life Coach, Law of Attraction Coach, Inspirational Speaker and Events Organiser since 2005 and has helped countless people across the North and South of Ireland (and further afield!) to create positive and meaningful change in their lives.  She sees clients on a 1-1 basis at Source Wellbeing Centre, Belfast, Northern Ireland or Dublin, Ireland and she runs courses and gives talks/workshops in a wide variety of different locations.

Jenny has also gone on to establish Source Wellbeing CentreFreshStart Corporate and the Positive Living Network with her partner, Eoin Scolard, and is Director of Coaching with the Irish School of Life. 



In 2014 Jenny is trying another experiment in her life and is taking a 'gap year'.  Rather than stop work altogether, she is condensing her work into 1 week each month and, as such, she will only be working with clients in 3 different ways throughout the year - 


Exclusive 1-1 Coaching Package

6 or 12 month commitment (Available in Belfast, Dublin and via Skype) - LIMITED PLACES


A Fresh Start for You

6 month Personal Development Programme for women (Belfast only) - ONLY 10 PLACES


Law of Attraction Success Groups 

1 Year Course (Belfast and Dublin) - ONLY 10 PLACES 



Having spent a couple of years living in Dublin, Jenny has recently settled back into her native Co Down with partner, Eoin Scolard She is the proud mum of Georgia (18) and 'nearly step-mum' to Eoin's  four adult children!  She loves the great outdoors (walking and gardening), attends to 2 yoga classes a week, meditates most days, adores delicious food (cooking and eating it), delights in good live music or theatre and good laughs with close friends!


Jenny also loves her work and is passionate about helping people to live more healthy, balanced, empowered and authentic lives in a world full of turbulence, uncertainty and change. 

Jenny is an inspiring facilitator who obviously 'practices what she preaches' (although she doesn't come across as preaching!).

Nuala, Newry

Jenny has been described as “warm”, “inspirational”, “uplifting”, “a true kindred spirit” and....

a wonderfully authentic human being who speaks from the heart.

Sinead, Belfast

To read about, listen to and see Jenny in action, click here.



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Join Jenny Grainger's Belfast Law of Attraction community and raise your vibe by getting together once a month for fun, sharing, inspiration and learning....ALL WELCOME!


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