Fresh Start





Jenny has now been working as a Life Coach, Law of Attraction Coach, Inspirational Speaker and Events Organiser since 2005 and has helped countless people across the North and South of Ireland (and further afield!) to create positive and meaningful change in their lives.  She sees clients on a 1-1 basis at Source Wellbeing Centre, Belfast, Northern Ireland or Dublin, Ireland and she runs courses and gives talks/workshops in a wide variety of different locations.

Jenny has also gone on to establish Source Wellbeing Centre with her partner, Eoin Scolard, and runs Positive Living Network which has monthly events in Belfast, Bangor, Newry, Dublin and Cork. 

Jenny is passionate about helping people to create positive and meaningful change in their lives and does so, in part, by walking her walk and talking her talk.  Come along and join her hugely supportive and inspiring private Facebook group to connect with her positive energy for free!

Jenny Grainger describes herself as

an ordinary woman creating an extraordinary life which is getting better and better and better.  I am definitely a work in progress but I am loving the adventure....

Having spent nearly 10 years working in the field of Television Production, Jenny found that the constant stress of juggling a demanding work-schedule and family life was taking its toll physically, emotionally and spiritually. Her wake-up call came in the form of her daughter being hit by a car at the age of 8 and Jenny realized almost immediately that her priorities had been out of balance for many years. After a period of deep self-examination and self-discovery, Jenny hired a Life Coach to help her try to regain some balance and to pursue her long-standing dream of finding a career that made a positive difference to the lives of others. Soon after FreshStart Coaching was born and Jenny entered an exciting and deeply rewarding chapter of her life.

Here is a short video of Jenny explaining more about this Exclusive 1-1 Life Coaching Programme and how it can help you....